Excess Drop Hit Cryptocurrencies

More than 60 percent of the 1450 cryptocurrencies listed on the Coinmarketcap Index saw red numbers on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, falling more than 13 percent in total. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple the top three tokens on the index were among those that dropped the most at 18.45%, 14.81% and 39.07% respectively in twenty-four hours. The market capitalisation of ...

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6 Free SEO Tools Every Content Marketer Must Use

Are you a content marketer? Want to be efficient and productive at your job? Here are 6 free SEO tools to have for success. 1.  Article Rewriter Do you have problems understanding the purpose of a text spinner or article rewriter tool? Depending on the tool’s functionality, you can use the program either online or offline. The primary purpose of ...

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South Korea Looking Into Bitcoin Ban, Prompting Prices To Drop

Seoul – South Korea’s Justice Ministry is preparing a law that would forbid the trading of crypto currencies, Minister Park Sang Ki has said on Thursday, prompting a dip in the value of bitcoin and others. However, the South Korean president’s office later softened the ministry’s statement, saying that closing down the domestic crypto currency trade was only one measure ...

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