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Friday, May 29, 2020

5 Common Habits That May Damage Your Smartphone

Smartphone is one gadget that has helped improved everyday profitability, communication and even entertainments for the modern man.

As close as people may get attached to their smartphones, proper maintenance is a topic many give little consideration or thoroughly overlook.

Without intending to, there are some common habits that seem harmless, which however, may coincidentally damage your smartphone:

1. Ignoring software and application updates

Software and apps updates are introduced to fix loopholes and to boost your smartphone’s effectiveness. Your smartphone may get sloppy and slow when you postpone an update for so long.

More importantly, cybercriminals are usually on the lookout for devices with loopholes to gain easy access to such devices and dupe proprietors.

So next time you see that notice to update your smartphone, take as much time and data to do immediately.

2. Using cheap, incompatible chargers

Most smartphones come with a compatible charger but in a situation where such charger gets damaged or missing for whatever reason, it is best to replace it with another charger with the same quality.

A cheap charger might be pocket-accommodating yet may be to the detriment of your cell phone’s battery. Utilising a charger with a specification that isn’t compatible with your smartphone may destroy additionally your charging port.

3. Downloading apps from suspicious source

Free access to certain applications may not be genuinely free until you affirm the wellbeing of their source. The most straightforward approach to open your gadget to malware is by downloading applications from unconfirmed platform.

So it is to your greatest advantage to avoid downloading applications from third-party stores or suspicious websites, regardless of whether they show the symbol and name of an application you think you can trust.

4. Allowing your phone to overheat

Strong sunlight, delayed charging, and multitasking on your device may cause it to overheat. But repeatedly pushing your device to that point will probably do more harm than good to your smartphone.

Shielding your phone from the sun, turning it off if you have to leave it in a hot car, and otherwise keeping your device at a comfortable temperature is a good idea to forestall inadvertent harm.

5. Prolonged charging

Leaving your phone plugged in overnight is one habit that might eventually damage your phone’s lifespan. Once your battery reaches its charging limit, prolonged charging will make your phone generate excessive heat and further strain your smartphone’s battery.

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