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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Social Media Monitoring Tools Like NetBase Can Help Your Business Grow

Today’s technological advancement is truly an amazing thing. It has provided us with so many innovations that have been proven beneficial to all of us. In addition, technology has also shaped how business is done. The creation of social media has drastically affected business operations and such.

What is Social Media Monitoring?

First things first, let us define what social media monitoring is. This is the act of using a tool that will enable you to track and “listen” to what your consumers have to say about your products and services.

Of course, social media has been an essential part of everyone’s lives that a lot of things that happens on social media should be made aware to the business owner.

This process allows you to identify and determine what is being said about a brand on social media. The knowledge you acquire from this act can be made useful for expanding your customer base or getting ahead of the competition.

What is a Social Media Monitoring Tool?

These are the tools that will help you “listen” to what the people are saying about your brand, products, and services. They function pretty much the same as search engines.

How Can NetBase Help Your Business?

NetBase is one of the social media monitoring tools that can help you become more aware as to what people are saying about your business. Nonetheless, this tool continues to share the benefits of Social Media Analytics, a crucial function of the business operations of any successful business today.

In addition, this tool offers Social Media Intelligence, Social Media Listening, and Competitor Analysis. All of these are necessary to understand who your customers are, what they want, and how to maintain your brand’s optimum health.
How Can These Tools Help You with Your New and Existing Campaigns?

By understanding the public’s perception of your brand, you will be able to know how you must act toward certain aspects of your services. These tools can help you know which social media campaigns are at their best or worst.

You can use this knowledge to expand your customer base or improve your sales so that your existing customers will spend more on your products and services.

Tracking Your Customer Conversations

Now that we have figured out how NetBase can help you with your Social Analytics components, it’s now time to assess how you can track all of your customer conversations and what you should do about it.

The truth is that when a customer negatively talks about your brand, products, or services online, there is a high chance that they are not the only one.

In fact, according to Blast Media, about 5% of unsatisfied consumers will have the tendency to rant or make a complaint of which the brand is aware.

So, what about the other 95%? In today’s technological times, people who have a large following on the different social media platforms can greatly influence other people; thus, impacting your future sales.

Bottom Line

By using tools such as the NetBase Pro, you can easily search your brand name from the indexed data and see whether or not you are getting positive or negative feedback from your customers.

It’s all good if you are constantly receiving positive reviews but what if you’re not? Negative comments that may arise are things you should definitely not ignore. Think of it as an opportunity to make your brand a little better.


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