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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Galaxy S10e Name Officially Confirmed By Samsung

After the massive Galaxy S10 leak from yesterday, there were few things left uncertain about the Samsung lineup. One of those was the name of the budget variant but we can cross it off the list. According to Samsung's official French website, the handset will indeed be called Galaxy S10e with a lowercase "e".

The French branch set up a landing page and without giving any further details, it lists all three Galaxy S10 models with their names. This is as official as it gets.

There's also no info regarding the fourth 5G model, but we assume it will come out later this year, while the upcoming foldable smartphone will be a part of a different lineup, hence why isn't listed either.



  1. OMG! Galaxy S10 already launched!? Wait, let me get S8 bro. I provide paper writing services and I have been saving my money to get S8. Now seeing this post makes me want to have S10. Look at this sleek set! Damn, Samsung!


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