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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

FCC has approved Google to test a new radar motion sensor technology, Android Authority revealed earlier today. It is called Project Soli and can allow users to operate devices without actually touching anything via radar signals.

The technology is quite different from what Samsung introduced back in 2013 with the Galaxy S4 and the gestures over the screen. Back then, the Korean company implemented camera sensors, while now Google is working on radar sensitivity that reads all kinds of hand gestures in the air. The reason for FCC to approve the test of such technology is using higher frequencies.

According to the report, Google wanted to operate within the 57 to 64 GHz band but at a limited capacity. The order also said such technology could be used in airplanes and for weather forecasting, meaning the company is aiming much higher than just swiping on Tinder without touching the screen. Nevertheless, the project sounds futuristic, and we can only hope it will bring us a bright future.


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