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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Emerging Technologies Will Create New Jobs, Force Job Losses — Researcher


By Tolu Dada
Abuja -  A researcher of human anatomy models, Mr Awua Kelvin, has said that emerging
technologies will create new jobs even as it will automatically render other people jobless.
Technology refers to methods, systems and devices which are the result of scientific knowledge being used
for practical purposes.
Technical knowledge is required for application in use of these techniques or processes embedded in machines
for easy operation.
Kelvin, who is the Co-founder of Wooks Brothers Ltd., a research firm, said in an interview with News Agency
of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday in Abuja that even though the use of emerging technologies would create new opportunities
for job seekers, some other persons would have to look elsewhere, as their jobs might be overtaken by the technological advancement.
The researcher, who said that Wooks Brothers Ltd is in the business of creating human anatomy models for easy learning
in secondary schools in Nigeria, expressed belief that while emerging technologies could threaten unskilled jobs, different
kinds of jobs that required new technical skills would be developed through training.
He said “emerging technologies would change the nature of work we do as time goes on by improving efficiency
and productivity in all sectors.
“However, the person whose role is to perform certain routine task which can now be performed by Artificial Intelligence (AI)
may not necessarily lose their job because of technological processes.
“Rather, they may have new responsibilities that focus on human capabilities that AI cannot deliver or acquire latest skills
that require operating the machine or computerised process.”
He added that while some jobs would certainly be lost as AI takes on skills formerly attributed to humans, new jobs would also emerge.
He explained that “emerging technologies may result in certain jobs being lost to automation, but it will create others to be filled.
“There aren’t enough qualified workers available to fill all of the AI-related roles coming up.”
Kelvin, however, lamented the lack of updated technical know-how on the job on the part of a lot of people across different sectors
in the country.
He said “in fact, there is widespread shortage of persons that have the knowledge and capabilities to properly build and maintain
these technologies within almost all organisations, especially the education sector.”
The researcher advised that for employment to be higher than unemployment with recent technological revolution, individuals and
organisations must enforce on-the-job training and acquisition of new skills.
“Emerging technologies may cut the mundane and unskilled out of many jobs, but in order for it to work effectively,
it will need more people in new roles. Training is the way to avoid AI-induced unemployment.’’
Emerging technology is a new technique that is currently being developed, or will be developed within the next five to 10
years. These technologies have the potential to gain social relevance within the next 10 to 15 years.


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