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Monday, November 12, 2018

How To Take Screenshots With Your iPhone X

The iPhone X may no longer be Apple’s flagship handset but its still one of the best phones to grace our ears in 2018. As phones have advanced so have the range of commands available to consumers. Use our quick hints and tips to help manage your iPhone X.

Use Physical Buttons to take Screenshots

First, you must locate the Volume up button and iPhone lock button on your iPhone X. The volume button is at the top left on the side of the device.
The lock button is on the right side of the device.

To take a screen shot you must press both buttons at the same time. The iPhone X will flash confirming a screen shot has been taken and your image will appear on the screen for your approval. If you don’t want to keep your screenshot swipe it left to delete it, otherwise it will save as an image on your camera roll.


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