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Friday, November 9, 2018

How New Technology Has Affected Our Lives

Technology has become so imperative and it continues to influence our lives significantly. New technology always changes our lives enormously that it takes it to a new and mostly better level. It is an entirely new way of thinking, doing the common things in an uncommon way which tends to be faster and even affordable.

Technology unlocks life that was unimaginable – life that only existed in people’s dreams. As Einstein once put it, imagination alone is too powerful. Technology is the reflection of people’s imagination on solving existing problems. These problems push human beings to transform their imagined ideas to solving these problems into technological innovations which as a result improve life.

Throwback to life before Telephone, Automobile, Electricity, Computer, iPhone, you can imagine how difficult it could have been. We shall go further to see how some of these technologies have affected us in a paramount way (positively).

In this category, we shall include Phones of all kinds. They really play a lot of roles in our daily lives that they even take up about 70% of our attention. They now serve as a pivot of businesses and organizations that without them it becomes difficult to run a hitch free business. For timely communication, social media promotions, and all kinds of messaging, phones have become inevitably important. Click Here for more information


This has changed our lives so tremendously with a variety of them serving a range of purposes such as cars, trucks, tractors, carriers and so on. Imagine how life without automobile will look like. What would take a whole 24 hrs without automobile may just take 2 hrs or less to accomplish. Just think of walking a journey of 10km and how tired you will be when you eventually get to your destination. Click Here for more information


This is the presence and flow of electric charge. Its best known form is the flow of electrons through conductors such as copper wires. Electricity has taken life on earth for human beings to another level.  Imagine how bad your day can be and how your life gets stuck if there is no electricity just for four hours. Electricity is the most versatile energy source on the planet, even though we’ve only depended on it for about 100 years now. It’s been only hundred years and look how improved life is as compared to 5 centuries ago. So imagine if we had been depended on it from the very start, Life would have been very much better... People like Newton, Galelio, Maxwell, Gauss, Kepler and others would have developed far better tools that make life better for all human beings. Imagine a 1000 years with electricity? Life would really be in a different dimension. Click Here for more Information


A computer is a programmable machine that is both electronic and digital. The actual machinery is hardware, the instructions and data is software. Computer has really put the world on a round-table. Communication has become easier and faster with the use of a computer. Click Here for more information

New Technologies introduces new qualities to the live of human beings which unfortunately, like everything else, can both be positive and negative.
It has led to dangerous addictions and detachment from reality, and some are actually harmful to our health, especially the emitted radiations which can be cancerous.  However, the positive impacts are more.

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