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Friday, October 5, 2018

Growing Rate Of Social Media Usage Among The Youth

This article will look at the hype surrounding social media and how the fast growing medium has attracted millions of youths. In this article, we will be learning about the tips and tricks of WhatsApp, the hype of Social Media, and how social media has attracted millions of youth.
We will start off with the hype, and it’s about time that we go a decade back when mobile technology combined with internet to give rise to third-party apps and changed the complexion of mobile phone usage with the internet.
This combination and the rise to third-party apps has become a part of daily life with a lot the youth across the globe now owning a smartphone.
The specific rise of social media and the number of new ventures created out of it such as Snapchat, Telegram, etc. was an amazing thing to see.
In this article, our will be specifically about Whatsapp in the field of Social Media and how it has impacted a lot of youth across the globe.

Whatsapp in itself has hundreds of features such as users ability to search and send Good Morning Images to their parents or their loved ones, voice and video call, instant text, status updates, stories updates, and so much more.
All these features combined have made WhatsApp a one stop shop for all things messaging, with lots of users favouring it over traditional text messaging (SMS), especially when they launched Business accounts and started advertising in between story play’s.
These features stated above not only accounted for its popularity among the youth but with older people and certain businesses to grow themselves on the given Platform.
The older ones can also send Happy Birthday Images or Happy Anniversary Images to their lived one’s/Spouse/Children’s. They can also keep the distance away by doing a video call and stuff.
Now, when you look into the different features provided above, you can see why WhatsApp is not just popular among the youths, but with older people as well.
There are about a billion users on Whatsapp and it is expected to grow at a steady rate in the near future along with new features being added by the development team on regular intervals.
That’s it from us on how WhatsApp attracts millions of users every day, and the listicle was stated after looking into reports in reputed dailies and also by listening/reading to views of different experts around the globe both online and offline respectively.

Source: naijatechguide

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