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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Samsung Unveils 8 Gigabit LPDDR5 RAM Chips For Next-gen Phones

Earlier this year Samsung started making GDDR6 memory chips on a “10nm class” process for graphics cards and now the foundry is cranking out the industry’s first 8 gigabit LPDDR5 chips for next-gen phones.

These chips promise transfer rates of up to 6,400Mbps, a 50% improvement over the current top chips – LPDDR4X at 4,266Mbps. This speed is achievable when the chips are powered at 1.1V, for lower power operation a 1.05V mode is available at 5,500Mbps.
Voltage isn’t fixed, however, it changes based on the operating speed. Its deep sleep mode needs about half as much power as LPDDR4X, so a 30% power saving in general usage is to be expected.

Samsung expects the high bandwidth of these chips to be leveraged for AI-powered applications and 5G-enabled phones.
The company and leading chip vendors have tested an 8GB RAM package with eight of its LPDDR5 chips. Samsung will manufacture the new RAM at its Pyeongtaek, Korea facility.


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