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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Best Farming Games for Android 2018

“Farm games , seriously?” That’s how most of the people react even if they themselves love to play this genre. With so much development and the hi-fi city life most children or for that matter people indulge in games like car racing , running games etc etc. Listening about farm games many parents also react in a way as if farming is a low rated occupation when in reality it is one of the primary occupation for survival.
With the development of these games, children especially who are young get an insight into the way farm activities take place. Farming games are not only about playing but learning and exploring.
Besides, this whole genre seems unique to me. Enough of all the rash and fighting games now. Let us not try to win this time rather enjoy our playtime and learn.
There are a number of farm games available for free and paid both. Though most of them contain same basic activities like feeding chickens , maintaining farms etc, there are many game developers who have introduced different and advanced activities with excellent qualities .

Let us pinpoint more on these farming games:
buy new stuff for it. One of its great features is that it allows you to save your memories of the adventures under farm memories in the game only. Besides this , the old farmer of the game ,Jed Fellows is always to help you and give useful advices.

Moy Farm Day:

This game basically starts with a story. The owner over grew weeds in his farm leading to loss of fertility of the lands and seeds. Now , both his house and warehouse has been of no use . He has shifted to the city life in the hope of better opportunity and better life. This is when the player comes. The player will rejuvenate the farm and undo the harm done. He will convert the land into heavenly farm by using resources.
This game is free of cost.

Farm Frenzy Free:

This popular game with more than 10 million downloads has an addictive game play  with cool colorful graphics. It has more than 70 levels. Each level consists a task which is needed to be completed by the player in order to jump the level. It involves all the basic farming activities and becomes a real farm on your Android device. It contains chicken who need to be fed , animals who’s breeding needs to be controlled , cattlemen etc. The player is required to operate every activity of the farm and protect it too.

Lets Farm:

Its tagline only says “The cutest farm game” which explains the game very well. It has an attracting game play and controls even if the graphics are not the best. It sets itself apart from other farm simulators. It provides the player with beautiful and unique decoration options  for you to decorate it and make it a super cute farm. You need to regularly feed your cattle, manage breeding , harvesting , ploughing, managing good relations with neighbors and friends .
It is a totally frees farm simulator which you can easily download on your Android device for the best and cutest farm experience.
Now as you know about the most popular and exciting farm games , start downloading and playing them.
Source: naijatechguide


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