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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes to be Avoid!

Have you ever wondered, how many email does one receive in his/her inbox in a day? We can’t imagine right? And by the way, do you read all the emails that come to your inbox, also what makes you to open those emails? You should ask these types of questions from yourself in order to stand out from the crowd.
Most of us never try to understand the essence of Email Marketing. What we do is, we just start promoting our products and services through it without having an idea of what our customers need.
See, you need to understand first that Email Marketing is the way to be in contact with your potential customers; it is the way through which you can understand their needs, rather than just sending them cheap promotional emails, you need to check what they exactly want from you.
If you use this Email Marketing in a right manner, than it can do wonders for your business, as it has the capability to manage your business database, it can run things into automation, and this will only happen when you understand what actually Email Marketing is.
Ever notice what big Email Marketer does? And how they are so successful? They actually did a market survey of their potential audience; understand their needs and then make an Email Marketing funnel. You have to work on the same.
Now, we will be going to share with you 5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes that one should avoid.

Sending Mail Without Permission

What is someone sends you email on daily basis without your permission? It’s annoying, right? Yes. Similarly, you should never implement this type of strategies in your Email Marketing business, it has lots of demerits like the people for whom you are unknown can take your email as spam, or they can complaint about them, it can also increase the bounce rate and finally it can be black listed.
So, this is not the good idea to send emails to anyone without their permission. Always send email to those people or audience who has fulfilled your email opt-in form. As, they are willing to receive emails from you.

Always Put Unsubscribe Button in the End

You have to put a unsubscribe button in the end of every mail you are sending to your customers. Because, sometimes the customers get annoyed by receiving lots of emails and also if someone subscribe to your mail list, it doesn’t mean that they are willing to continue to receive the emails from you forever.
There can be numerous reasons for un-subscription but you have to always put that unsubscribe button in the end so that there is no compulsion on the customer for receiving your email.

Quality Content

We all know that “Content is the King”, still we neglect this most of the time. You have to write such copy of email through which one can easily understand what to do and what not to do. It should be very clear and informative to the potential audience. Content is considered as a heart of any marketing campaign, so it should be attractive, compelling and informative enough to convert your leads into sales or any other marketing objective.
So, always work on your content and check whether the copy is good or not. Also, ask from yourself that what can be the questions that one can get into his mind after reading this. By analyzing this all thing, you can easily deliver to your customer what exactly they want.

Clear Call to Action

Writing a good content copy and adding some attractive visual in it are not enough for an effective campaign. If you have not put the Call-to-action button in the copy then never expect any conversion from the same because you have to show the path to your customer, telling them what to do next.
Always be clear with your purpose. If they don’t know what to do next after reading your copy then the whole hard work can go into vain. So, don’t forget to put an attractive call to action button in the email.

Buying Email List

This is one of the biggest mistakes that most of the Email marketer do and they are still doing also. See, buying email list can never help you to boost up the growth of your business. One thing that works for me will not have surety to work for you as well. Similarly, if one email list is working fine for me and converting leads, it doesn’t mean that it will work for you as well.
So, buying an Email list is one of the worst ideas that one can think of. It is the waste of time as well as the money also. Prepare your own original list, get subscriber by pushing them free resources like e-books, free-trials, etc. By doing this you can easily collect bunch of email, and here you are collecting their email with their permission, hence there are no risk of bounce rate and other spam.


We hope you will get all your basic queries solved by reading this. By avoiding these 5 mistakes, you can easily grow your email subscriber base. Still, if you feel that we forget to mention any other common mistake that newbie do, please share it with us, we would love to add that in our list.

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