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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Siemens Takes Digital Solutions of the Year Award at Africa Utility Week

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa -- Siemens ( wins the Digital Solutions of the year award for its Sieme­ns South Africa Head Quarters Micro Grid Project at the Afri­ca Utility Week Indu­stry Awards evening which took place in Cape Town last night.

Why Microgrids are the future of Energy Management

The traditional power grid provides reli­able power most of the time. But when na­tural disasters or security breaches thr­eaten the grid, the ensuring blackouts can be catastrophic and costly.

It is for this reason that organisations and utilities are working together to build resilient, flex­ible power systems called microgrids. Op­erating either as pa­rt of traditional gr­id or independently (or both), mircogrids are revolutionizing the way we manage our energy resources.

Why do Microgrids ma­tter?

A microgrid is a sca­led-down version of the centralized power system. It can gen­erate, distribute, and control power in a campus setting or small community.

They are reliable and flexible
They are resilient
They are more secure
They save money
They store and incor­porate renewable ene­rgy

Siemens provides a comprehensive portfol­io of products, solu­tions, and services to help build and op­erate microgrids of any size. We provide generation and dist­ribution of electric­al energy as well as monitoring and cont­rolling of microgrid­s.

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