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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

7 Tech Products You Should Be Using in 2018

Technology keeps on getting better and more powerful each year. More and more technological products are creating great impacts on our livelihoods. The challenge is that we have so many products on the market and you could be wondering which ones should you really own. Here are seven tech products you should be using in 2018.

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1. A Smartphone of Your Choice

Currently, Smartphones are the most powerful and personal devices in the market. These are just like portable computers that fit in your pocket. There are so many mobile phones in the market and even choosing between Android or iOS can be a challenge before you narrow down to the individual brand and specific model.

Apple Smartphones have fast updates with the best security features. Others users love the openness of Android as it gives you control on the working of your Mobile phone. Android mobile phones have a broad range of designs.

Choose the operating system and then go to a specific model depending on the features you are looking for in a mobile phone. You can go through the Smartphone buying guide to get an idea of choosing the best Smartphone in the market.


2. Sony’s PlayStation 4

This is the most popular video game console in the whole world. This is because the device goes beyond just playing games. The play station can play both DVDs and CDs and other media files that are stores in your external drives.

The Sony PlayStation 4 can also stream videos from several Apps including HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Sony Live TV, and Vue. The PlayStation 4 also allows you to stream from Spotify as you play your game if you wish to provide your personal soundtrack. Its library has a long list of several high-end games like the ‘Spider Man’ and ‘God of War.’

3. Google Home Smart Speaker or an Amazon Echo

Amazon offers an excellent product that marries smart-home devices with a smart voice assistant. The Google Assistant powered smart assistant has come very close to this. Therefore, you can get top notch smart speakers from Google or Amazon.

Choose a brand that you think you are more comfortable with. Amazon seems to be the best as it is easy to use, beautiful, simple and extremely useful. It has omnidirectional microphones that can hear your echo across several rooms and respond naturally and quickly. How do you even think of leading your life without this great device?

4. The Nintendo Switch

This product has been in the market for about one year now but it already has an incredible beginning. It is the fastest selling video-gaming console in the history of the United states. This switch offers a simple yet compelling propositions.

It allows you to play games on your television or while on the go. The ability to play your console-quality games from anywhere around the world takes video gaming to the next level. It changes the expectations of what a video game console can do.

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5. DSLR Camera

How do you lead your life without some profound memories of your life? Don’t rely on your Smartphone to undertake some of these images. The mobile phone has several functions and mixing it with your photos may not serve you well.

In fact, you cannot compare the image quality of mobile phones with what DSLR cameras will give you. Choose one of the Best DSLR Cameras and you will make your life easier.

6. Apple’s Air Pods

This gadget may appear to be little goofy when you wear them but that does not matter. These is the best set of wireless earbuds that you can purchase now. In fact, it is one of the most effective headphones in the market.

They are exclusively easy to use and come with a gorgeous white carrying case. It has a simple set up and you can use them right from the box. It pairs with other Apple devices like the Apple TV and MacBook.

7. Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13 is one the best laptops on the market that will give you the value of your money. It has a very fast speed, long-lasting battery, no windows Hello, and still poor webcam position.

It’s the best ultra-book with a marvelous design and infinitely edge display. It is a slim and light-weight machine that will not let you down in any way.


There are some tech products that you cannot just afford to miss in the modern day. This article presents to you the top seven tech products that you need to be using in 2018. You will discover that your life will turn around when you begin to use some of these products.



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