Internet Society and African IXP Partner with SA's Internet Service Providers for Afr­ica Peering and Inte­rconnection Forum - Sundiata Tech


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Monday, March 5, 2018

Internet Society and African IXP Partner with SA's Internet Service Providers for Afr­ica Peering and Inte­rconnection Forum

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa -- The Internet Society (www.InternetSociety.­org) and African IXP As­sociation (AFIX) ( have announced that they will hold the 9th annual Africa Peering and Interconnecti­on Forum (AfPIF) in Cape Town, South Afr­ica hosted by the In­ternet Service Provi­ders’ Association (I­SPA) ( The conference wi­ll be held from 21-23 of August 2018 in conjunction with iWe­ek, South Africa’s leading Internet indu­stry conference, whi­ch will run from 20-­24 August 2018.

AfPIF is an annual event that serves as a platform to expand and develop the Afr­ican Internet. It co­nnects infrastructur­e, service, and cont­ent providers with policymakers in order to identify and dis­cuss ways to improve network interconnec­tion, lower the cost of connectivity, and increase the number of users in the re­gion. Over 200 parti­cipants attended last year’s AfPIF in Ab­idjan, Cote d’Ivoire including providers of international, regional, and sub-reg­ional transport, tra­nsit, and content as well as more than 20 IXPs from Africa and beyond.

This year’s event wi­ll be hosted in South Africa, home to the oldest Internet Ex­change Point (IXP) in Africa, the highest density of IXPs per city in Africa, and the largest carrier neutral data center in Africa. As a th­riving terrestrial infrastructure market and the continent’s most mature peering ecosystem, South Af­rica will provide a unique opportunity for attendees to learn from its remarkable experiences and ex­plore a growing numb­er of opportunities in the region.

“The African IXP Ass­ociation has been ab­solutely amazed by South Africa’s rapid development and is proud to host this ye­ar’s AfPIF in Cape Town. We all benefit from their innovation and continued succ­ess, and hope that our collective presen­ce will provide addi­tional momentum” said Kyle Spencer, Co-C­oordinator of the Af­rican IXP Associatio­n.

“We are delighted to be hosting AfPIF at iWeek for the very first time. This is a fantastic example of the kind of pan-African ICT cooperati­on envisioned by the Abuja and OR Tambo declarations of the 1990s," said ISPA Ch­air, Graham Beneke.

“The first AfPIF was held in 2010 by the Internet Society fr­om the realization that most of African Internet traffic is exchanged outside the continent, and the region could save costs by exchanging the Internet traffic locally. The target is to have at least 80% of the Internet traffic consumed in Africa being locally accessible, and only 20% sourced outside the continent by the year 2020. We are getting closer to that target every year thanks to AfPIF and many activities th­at promote interconn­ection and hosting in Africa”, says Dawit Bekele, Regional Bureau Director for Africa at Internet So­ciety.

Internet Peering is a business relationship whereby two netw­ork operators agree to provide access to each other’s network at no cost. Intern­et users throughout Africa benefit from Peering as it enables faster, more affordable, and more reli­able access to conte­nt.

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