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Friday, March 30, 2018

How To Use Technology To Find A Good Job

The days when employers got an idea of who you are from your CV and interviews are gone. Nowadays, they can quickly find the information they need by simply looking at your Facebook page and decide whether you are the right candidate for their company. Technology changed the whole recruiting process. Now recruiters and job seekers can find each other easier. But do you use the tech benefits when searching for a job? Here are some ideas you should consider.

1- Online research: Avoiding unpleasant experience

Job seekers prefer to find some information about the company they are applying. According to the report published by iCIMS, one in three job seekers and 47 percent of millennials preferred to not accept a job offer because the company had negative employer reviews.

Also, when applying to a certain company, people get an idea of the salary they should ask, they know about the questions they’d be asked during an interview and more.

2- LinkedIn – The platform that changed it all

LinkedIn makes it easy for recruiters to find candidates, even the ones that were not looking for a new job. Also, it helps people to stay connected and thus be aware of job openings in the companies where past colleagues and other connections work. The platform also helps to build personal brands which also makes you more visible to recruiters.

3- The new reality: globalization in recruitment

Internet and online communication tools make it possible to hire people from distant places. Technology permits to work remotely which allows having great teams in different cities and even countries. Also, remote work is a real potluck for freelancers and the people whose skills are not in demand where they live.

4- Mobile technologies make the recruitment process quicker

Nowadays, you can find a job by simply using your mobile device. Various job boards and special applications help recruiters and candidates to connect. People apply for jobs quickly and easily. Also, it became rather common to have interviews via Skype. The hiring process became really fast.

So, what can you do to make tech play in your favor? Check out the tips on how to use those modern tendencies to land up with a great job.

5- Be smart when using social media

Modern employers check your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles before making the decision to hire or even contact you. Make sure your profiles look professional and also be careful with everything you post there. Always provide information which can show you in a good light, even if you are not looking for a job now – who knows when you might need a good reputation.

6- Be visible

Use every online networking opportunity – join professional groups in LinkedIn and be active there, share valuable content in social media, comment and ask questions when you see an interesting topic. Also, make sure your contact details look professional – your email address, Skype username should be strict.

7- Use video to apply for jobs

Video CVs and missives are rather new in the job search process. However, this is a great way to present yourself to a recruiter or employer in an original way. At least you will stand out among other candidates.

8- Apply on the go

Create a mobile-friendly PDF version of your CV and apply for job positions using your mobile device once you get alerts from online job boards. Also, make sure your resume is easily accessible so that employers can review it whenever they want. It is as easy as to visit for help with your essay or cover letter.

Ways people are using to get a job are evolving. Of course, you shouldn’t give up on common steps like sending CV and cover letter, going to interviews. However, being smart about using modern technologies give you better chances to be contacted by potential employers and get your dream job at the end.


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