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Friday, March 2, 2018

How Huawei Broadband Solutions Can Shorten ROI To 3 Years

Successful implementation of Huawei multi-service bearer network solutions has the potential to reduce the time of return on investment (ROI) by three years.

The company disclosed this at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain. According to a statement received by BusinessDay, the Multi-Bear Network Solutions help operators invest accurately and meet the end-user fast business online demands. The solutions also build confidence with operators and achieve full business transformation of the business cycle.

With Africaat the beginning of the development of home broadband solutions and enterprise green businesses in emerging markets, Huawei reckons that development space and potential in this segment is great. There is a potential of more than 7 billion broadband users in the world.

Citing OVUM’s research, the company noted that the number of fixed enterprise subscribers in Africa is growing by 10 percent annually. The total number of enterprises currently is at 4.5 million. The current link capability is about 520,000. Enterprise chain rates stands at 12 percent. According to the ARPU value of $100 per line, the annual revenue space will reach $4.8 billion.

Broadband operators on the continent face a lot of challenges. For instance, weak infrastructure impact business transformation, there is high fibre deployment cost, business on-line for extended period, lack of operational experience and many others, result in high initial investment costs and long investment recovery cycles.

Network resources with big data analysis platforms, like Huawei’s Multi-Bear, help operators to rely on the existing network infrastructure resources management such as sharing site and fibre while maximizing the existing network value.

Potential user identification on the network after the initial coverage phase helps to reduce the business on-line time, relative to the traditional needs of network construction modes, saves on-site acquisition and infrastructure construction, with business on-line time improvements by 60 percent.

“Huawei’s SD-WAN and Cloud-campus solutions change traditional pipeline business models to network services operation mode. Through the cloud platform we can achieve business online customisation, business orders and network operation and maintenance,” the company said.

The system can enable automationfrom enterprise side CPE to achieve plug and play in the basic link conditions and the serviceon-line time could be shortened, while the operator that establish the cloud platform can achieve multi-tenant mode, resources, sharing at lower costs. Businessday.

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