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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Glo Smartphone Free Offer enjoyable by 2G/3G/4G Lte

What is the Glo Free LTE Smartphone Bundle Offer?
The Glo Free LTE Smartphone Bundle Offer gives you a free LTE Smartphone when you buy any of the exclusive 2 year data plans from any Gloworld nationwide.

How much are the data plans and what do I get?
There are 3 plans and devices:
Customer Pays for Flexi Data Free Smartphone with Data Customer Gets over 24 months Data per month
N48,000 Y3II 48 GB 2 GB
N60,000 Y5II 60 GB 2.5 GB
N75,000 GR3 75 GB 3.12 GB

How do I get the data?
Visit the nearest Gloworld to get the special 2-year plan. A SIM with the plan already provisioned on it will be given to you. You also get your FREE 4G LTE Smartphone instantly!

How long is this offer valid for?
The Glo LTE Smartphone Offer is valid while stocks last.

What are the free Glo LTE Smartphone Offer benefits?
The following Plans and benefits are available:
Data Bundle Price Data Benefit over 24 months Monthly Benefit
N48,000 48 GB 2 GB
N60,000 60 GB 2.5 GB
N75,000 75 GB 3.12 GB

Are there any opt in codes for the plan?
No opt in codes. The first data plan is automatically activated on the line once the line is registered, activated and a ‘transaction’ done (such as send SMS, make a call. recharge any amount etc)

Are there any codes for the free monthly data plan? Or do I need to do anything to get the 24 monthly plans?
No. The free monthly data plans are automatically added to your line monthly without any interventions from you.

Will this free Glo LTE Smartphone Offer plan work like normal HSI plans?
Yes. Plan will have same behavior like normal HSI plans.

Can I gift the Free Glo LTE Smartphone Offer plan?
No the Free Glo LTE Smartphone Offer Phone plan is not giftable

Can I share the Free Glo LTE Smartphone Offer plan with loved ones and friends?
Yes the plans can be shared like other plans.

Will I be able to use the free Glo LTE Smartphone Offer device when the promo expires?
Yes the device is compatible with ALL products and services – even while promo is still active.

Is the offer available for existing customers?
Yes, the offer is open to new and existing customers

Can I carry forward the unused volume?
No. The data must be used within the month.

What if I finish my data before my next monthly data is due to be awarded?
You can buy another HSI Plan and continuing enjoying your device. If this data plan is not exhausted by the time the next data is awarded, the volume will be added to the current plan you have bought.

How can I view the data plan usage from my Glo line?
Plan usage can be viewed by dialing *127*0# or *777#. You can also visit the portal at or SMS ‘info’ to 127.

How do I check my remaining data volume?
Same as above: visit the portal at; text ‘info’ to 127 or dial *127*0# or *777# for data balance enquiry.

What happens if I don’t use the free LTE Glo LTE Smartphone Offer phone data plan once I have bought?
The plan remains ‘pre_active’ and will not count until activated. Once activated though, plan will start.

What are the devices available for the offer?
Huawei  Y3II Smartphone – 2G/3G/4G-LTE
Huawei  Y5II Smartphone – 2G/3G/4G-LTE
Huawei  GR3 Smartphone – 2G/3G/4G-LTE

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