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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Digital Encode Equips Journalist With Cyber-Security Skills

Digital Encode an information security and assurance Management Company organised training for technology journalists to further educate them on the importance of digital security.

The training was geared towards helping journalists to properly understand cyber security in order to better inform and educate the general public on the importance of securing the cyberspace, especially in today’s digital world.

Speaking at the training, Oluwaseyi Akindeinde chief technical officer, Digital Encode said that anybody could be a victim of cyber theft, hack or crime, as attacks are being launched every day.

‘Leading global brands have been hacked with false information put up on their websites and small businesses and innovative startups in all industries are frequently targeted because most of them do not have a proper digital security system in place.

‘It is necessary to know that every browser like internet explorer, fire fox, Google Chrome, Opera etc keeps a copy of the sites you visit, the pages you click and even your password in a place called cache, and the next person who uses the computer may be able to check this information if they know what to do,’ he said.

He therefore said that using public computers at cyber cafes, public libraries and even computers of friends can be safe if you always sign out, and never save password, never allow chrome save your password and delete all temporary files and internet history, pronouns, IDs, and any other predefined number or letter sequence stating that a stronger password is a combination of numbers symbols uppercase letters, lower case letters and space, else it can be easily hacked.

Wale Obadere, chief operating officer, Digital Encode, said that the three elements of information security to ensure cyber security are confidentiality, integrity and availability.

“Assurance that information is available to only those authorised to have access, confidentiality breaches may occur due to improper data handling or hacking attempt. A user must also be assured that information asset is protected against improper or unauthorised modification or manipulation. Digital asset will be invaded if there is an issue with architecture, design, operation or implement,’ he said.

Obadare also stated that the goal of this training is for people to be able to understand, manage and reduce the risk to information under the control of the organisation, individuals from being attacked by hackers.

‘Malware attacks comes in different ways, hackers work in different ways, they come in different ways people never expect, which is the reason why we need to be aware of these information and secure our information, identity, financial details and organisations,’ he said.

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