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Friday, February 23, 2018

5 Tech Gadgets That Will Drive You Crazy

1. Fitness Tracker:

Fitness Tracker

Fitness tracker is worthy of investment. You can track how many steps you take, how many calories you burn. You can track your activity, set your goal.

A good and premium fitness tracker has some good features like GPS, Heart rate, Multi-sport tracking, Cardio fitness level, Call and text alerts etc. A fitness tracker can automatically track your sleeping duration as well. So, If you already haven’t fitness tracker, then you should buy a new one. If you want a suggestion, then I would say Fitbit Flex 2. Fitbit Flex 2 is a best budget fitness tracker.

2. Power Bank:

Power Bank charging a Smartphone

If you travel frequently then this device you must have. Many times happens to me, my phone battery low and it’s turn off. In that case, a power bank is useful.

You must have at least 10000mAh power bank. You can get top pick best power bank here.

3. E-reader:

An E-Reader

I love to read e-books, that’s why I bought a Kindle reader last year. If you also love to read e-book then you should have a kindle reader. You can buy Kindle Paperwhite E-reader.

It has great battery backup, 300ppi High-Resolution Display.

4. A Backup Drive:

An External Hard Drive

If you have lots of important data then you must have a backup copy. And if you love to store movies, music, family photos, and games then you should also have a backup drive. If you are looking for a solution to backup your data, then I would say you have three best option. You can buy an external hard drive or NAS storage, or you can store your data in the cloud. But, In my opinion, the best option is buying a good NAS storage or an external Hard Drive. It’s a one-time investment.

5. Gaming Headset:


If you are a gamer then you already know how important it is having a good gaming headset. I would suggest you buy Hyperx cloud brand gaming headset.

A gaming headset can give you great clear sound, noise canceling feature etc.


I hope you like and enjoyed this post. Last year I bought Kindle E-reader, this year I am planning to upgrade my Fitness tracker. If you are a techy guy then I hope you already have all of these gadgets. If you don’t, then you should buy, if you can afford. Do share this post on Google+, Facebook, and let me know if I have missed something to add.Naijatechguide.

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  1. A power bank is my top one on this list. The most useful device ever because it lets your smartphone live for several days. I spent a summer vacation in Moscow. Guys, a great place to visit is the moscow art museum https://www.moscovery.com/category/museums-galleries-exhibition-halls/art-museums/. So, power bank. It gave me 5 days without recharging my devices. 20k mAh perform miracles.


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