Daily Archives: January 4, 2018

How To Choose a Gaming Laptop or Gaming PC

Well, laptops are fun, aren’t they? What is impossible here? Nothing for sure! Official works, watching movie, listening to songs, gaming every thing is here. Gaming may be the most attractive and thrilling installment of a laptop. In the early 90’s, those games were 2D and not very thrilling. But in the last one decade we have seen  a note ...

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Apple Watch users reporting reboot issue in hospital environments

A new Apple Watch-related issue has come to light. Series 3 owners say their units are rebooting every 60 to 90 minutes when in vicinity of an ICU. There’s a dedicated forum thread related to this at Apple’s official forums, and it has been going on since October. The issue – which affects both cellular and non-LTE variants – certainly ...

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