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Monday, December 11, 2017

19 Best Invoicing Software Tools for 2018

Alan is a professional writer who works freelance online. Teri is a small business owner who manages a growing flower shop. Both Alan and Teri represent the majority of business owners today. They both do not operate the traditional business tenets of hiring professionals such as Human Resource Managers, Accounting and Finance Managers: even if they wanted to, the cost of hiring such professionals will bite down hard into their profit.

Finally, both Alan and Teri want to take their businesses to the next level – they need financial support to do this; they approach Microfinance agencies for short term loans to help fulfill their expectations. However, there is a hiccup; the Finance Agencies want to see proper records and documentation of finances and businesses done by them in other to calculate by how much they would be credit worthy. Both Alan and Teri do not have these needed documents and their applications are sadly rejected.

You do not have to experience the same disappointments has Alan and Teri. As you plan to take your business to the next level in year 2018, there exist certain Invoicing software tools with simple and smart solutions which would not dent your profit but would rather help get you ready to take your business to the next level. I have included 19 of the best invoicing tools options below:

1. FRESHBOOKS ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE: This award winning and smart accounting suite helps you do a whole lot professionally and securely. It helps you Invoice in Seconds, gives you Late Payment Reminders, allows you set up Billing Schedules Automatically, and helps you Collaborate Effortlessly and so much more amazing options to make invoicing online easier.

2. BIGTIME: This feature rich online software allows you capture billable hours and expense effortlessly, while creating professional invoices within seconds and helping you produce inspiring reports for your team and clients.

3. BQE Software: With its latest breakthrough: Core; which helps you efficiently manage people, projects and profitability, this invoicing tool helps to make the billing process less painful; giving you clear visibility into your project finances.

4. QUICKBOOKS: Offers next generation features to solve today’s financing challenges such as: working from anywhere securely on multiple devices; send invoices on-the-go while letting you see the progress your business is making instantly.

5. TIMESHEETS: Helps you manage your workforce while offering you Hourly Time Clock for hourly employees, Billable time tracking and job costing; document management, communication tools and so much more. It is affiliated with several familiar payroll companies.

6. WORKFLOWMAX: This is very suitable for Creative/Marketing Agencies, Architects & Designers, Building & Construction, Business Consultants, Engineers & Surveyors, It & Web services and several other professional service businesses and freelancers.

7. TIPALTI: It is a strategic invoicing tool that would help wipe out 80% of your workload, provides end-to-end automation for scaling, improving tax and regulatory compliance, a rich payment method choice and unparalleled supplier visibility.

8. BILLY: This is a tool that has the ability to create professional invoices, automatic tracking of all your expenses, gives you information to help you make informed business decisions and really convenient to use since it is designed by freelancers.

9. ZOHO: An all-in-one suite that provides customer-centricity in one package, unified finance platform for business, sales and marketing tools, numerous collaborations and business process and financing tools such as Invoice, Expense, Inventory and much more.

10. HIVEAGE: Trusted by 50,000 small businesses and freelancers from 140 countries, this invoicing tool is everything you need to get paid faster, send elegant invoices, provide estimates and quotations, accept online payments, view detailed reports, recurring & subscription billing and track time, expenses and mileage.

11. INVOICERA: Touted has the most powerful online invoicing and billing software, It has over 3 million users who depend on it to automate business processes and communication with online invoicing, recurring billing, client/vendor panels, time tracking, workflows and so much more.

12. XERO: It allows you get a real-time view of your cashflow, run your business on the go, get paid faster with online invoicing, mobile, over 600 third –party apps for inventory, invoicing, time tracking, expenses and more are all integrated; you can pay bills and also claim expenses.

13. TIMESOLV: This is the best online billing tool for attorneys and other professionals. It is designed to grow your profits by providing time tracking, expense tracking, invoicing, reporting, project management and security. It is the number one choice for law firms.

14. INVOICE2GO: If you want to save time and not spend your entire weekend sending invoices this is the tool for you. It is simple to use, it helps get you paid faster. Adopting Invoice2go and sending professional invoices will fast track your hobby to a career.

15. WAVE: With products like: Accounting, Invoicing, Recurring Billing, Invoicing on iPhone and Android, Lending, Payroll and Receipts, Wave is an unlimited invoicing software packed with tons of features, always 100% free. You can bill your customers as soon as the job is done, eliminating paper work, and get paid faster.

16. SCORO: This software offers it all, from the first ‘hello’ to the final invoice, Scoro is a place for everything you need to know and do. You can customize almost any aspect of this software to fit your workflow. It helps you manage your quotes, track both actual and billable time, get real-time automated reports and automate your billing while tracking your expenses.

17. BILL.com A very simple and friendly invoicing tool. It helps you enter invoices quickly and easily; pay from anywhere, anytime; pick your payment method; control your incoming cash; choose how you are paid and set your records straight.

18. MARG: This software allows for easy & fast billing, barcode for retail purchases; re-order management, cashiers and home delivery, cash/credit/multi payment, taxation reports/registers, inventory management and full user-configurable invoicing.

19. INVOICE: For processing invoice payments, this software allows you to create customized invoice/quote to clients in seconds; After being paid, you can send payment receipts, create payment link, accept online payments, track invoices & payments, create automated reminders and recurring invoice billing; Financial reports are easy to generate, print and download. This software is mobile and allows API Integrations.



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