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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Network WCDMA , Sim Card Radio

Welcome to SMART PTT 

We would like to introduce you to SMART PTT, a communication company that has come up with the best Communication Solution that leaves all other means of communication with your staff redundant.

SMART PTT with our Chinese partners have come up with a communication device that can talk Nationally and Internationally at very low rates, this facility doesn’t even come close to denting your budget.

So the Device we would like to introduce to you is the SATLEC CTET 57 Plus Network Portable Radio, complete with Real Time GPS map tracking, voice recording and communication from a PC to any Portable Radio in your fleet and management team.

When we say a network radio its exactly that! Every Network radio has a unique IP address that uses SIM CARD Internet Connection, logging into our server which connects to a whole fleet of radios at The Speed of Light and surpasses your Normal PTT (Push To Talk) systems currently on sale in the market. This is VOIP also known as (Voice Over Internet Protocol) which means Zero Latency.

The SATLEC CTET 57 Plus Network Portable Radio has Top Technology GPS Real Time Tracking microchips connecting it to a Satellite every 5 seconds, relaying data up to 1 metre which can be viewed on a map utilising the dispatch software. All data is stored daily for the period of a year, enabling your controller/dispatcher to trace via the system calendar any given month or day and recall where the Network Portable has been situated.

The Network radio also has a Voice Communication Recorder which records every conversation between the devices on the network. So there can be no more excuses by staff saying they never agreed to or never communicated with the Control Team. This also puts an end to staff stating they are at a certain location and in actual fact are at a totally different location.

As there is no range limit in communication and should the company have branches throughout the country, or outside the country, each branch can be allocated with its own individual channel (Group) and therefore will not interfere or congest communication with the other branches, Furthermore, should one branch wish to communicate with another branch, this can be done by the push of a button to change the group channel to any province or suburb that you need to communicate with.

This Network Portable Radio system works with an IP address and uses very low data to interconnect between devices. We have tested the Network radios throughout South Africa as well as talking from South Africa to Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Botswana and other African countries. We have found that a R59 (fifty-nine Rand) data bundle per network radio, per month, is more than ample to communicate every day for the entire month anywhere in Southern Africa or the world that you need to communicate with.

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