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Friday, November 10, 2017

GROHE Red Provides Boiling Water At the Push of A Button

LAGOS -- Ready, set, boil! Hot water for brewing coffee and tea or for cooking pasta – at any time, simply by pushing a button directly from the kitchen tap. The time-consuming boiling of water has now become a thing of the past! This is the promise of the latest solution from GROHE, a world leading German brand in sanitary fittings. The GROHE Red water system quickly delivers filtered water at a temperature of up to 100° C and puts an end to frustrating wait times. The innovative technology saves water and energy and incorporates GROHE ChildLock which is TÜV tested and certified for maximum safety.

Design meets highest functionality

The tap features a timeless design and fits perfectly into the individual style of any kitchen. As a mono version, the GROHE Red hot water supplier supplements the existing kitchen mixer. As a duo version, GROHE Red supplies hot and chilled tap water and completely replaces the pre-installed kitchen mixer. In the duo version, the water supply for normal and boiling water is separated. The equipment also includes a boiler with integrated filter. With a volume of either three or five and a half litres, the boiler can be installed easily under any conventional household sink.

In contrast to heating water in a kettle or on the hob, GROHE Red heats only exactly as much water as needed. Large quantities are not a problem thanks to the "pot filler" feature which allows up to three litres of boiling water to be taken at once. To add to the comfort: As soon as the pot filler function has been activated, the button does not have to be pushed anymore – and GROHE Red stops automatically after 60 seconds.

Green light for GROHE Red – with TÜV seal

Safety first! The cup of tea or the baby bottle can be filled directly from the kitchen tap without any worry of getting burnt: The built-in spray regulator is patented and guarantees a constant boiling water stream without dangerous splashes and removing your hand from the button stops the water flow immediately.

During the developing process of the CoolTouch technology, GROHE engineers put special emphasis on safety for children. The GROHE ChildLock technology protects the youngest from burns caused by boiling water. For the water heated to 100° C to flow, the child safety button must be pushed for one second. Thanks to the additional cut-off feature, the water flow is stopped immediately as soon as the finger is removed from the button. The safety of the GROHE Red ChildLock technology is TÜV tested and meets all relevant safety regulations and quality standards according to the company.

A strong duo for the kitchen: GROHE Red in combination with GROHE Blue Home

Whether boiling-hot or chilled and sparkling, with the two taps Red and Blue Home, GROHE now offers a complete solution for all water needs directly from the kitchen faucet! While GROHE Red supplies hot water, GROHE Blue Home ensures refined, filtered drinking water chilled to the optimum drinking temperature in the varieties sparkling, medium sparkling and still. Together they form a convenient and sustainable solution for the daily water supply in a kitchen.

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