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Monday, November 27, 2017

10m Telecom Subscribers Activate Do-Not-Disturb Code

Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has revealed that about 10 million telecom subscribers have activated the do-not-disturb code to stop them from receiving unsolicited calls and text messages from operators.

Umar Garba Danbatta, executive vice chairman of the NCC who spoke at the fifth meeting of the National Council of Communications and Information Technology in Katsina, said although the number of activations was a small fraction of the 150 million subscribers in the country, it was a commendable progress as only 500,000 telecom subscribers had activated the NCC’s 2442 short code to stop telemarketing and other unsolicited text messages on their phones before the commencement of the campaign nine months ago.

“We embarked on the year of the consumer campaign specifically with regards to two important issues. One is, Do-Not-Disturb facility as we had received a lot of complaints that many consumers received unsolicited text messages and for which they are unfairly being charged. We dedicated a facility that will stop those messages from coming to the handsets of the consumers,” he said.

Danbatta said, “We have been sensitizing consumers on how to take the advantage of this facility by sending STOP to 2442.  Prior to the commencement of the campaign less than 500,000 Nigerians activated the code. As I am talking to you now, close to 10 million Nigerians have activated it.”

He said the other component of the campaign was to sensitize Nigerians about the existing of the NCC’s toll-free line (622), which consumers can use to lodge complaints with regards to Quality of Service (QoS) and other related services.

“There’s also another important aspect of the campaign, educating the consumers on the existence of emergency call centres. One is being constructed in each state of the federation in order to provide reprieves to people in distress, those who require ambulance service, fire-fighting services and those in need of attention from the police, using another toll-free line, 112,” he noted.

Speaking to dignitaries present, including Adebayo Shittu, Minister of Communications, and Mannir Yakubu, Katsina State Deputy Governor, the EVC said that the regulatory body will take a review of implementation of the consumer initiative project next year with a view to taking the next line of action.

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