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Monday, October 9, 2017

21st Century Technologie­s, VMware Partner to Launch SMART Digital Platform

ABUJA - Nigeria's ICT powerhouse, 21st Century Technologies Ltd., has announced her entry into the VMware Cloud Provider programme, with its SMART Dig­ital Platform.

The service illustra­tes to the customers that the company’s public cloud service is validated and co­mpatible for use with VMware vSphere, the leading virtualisation platform for bu­ilding cloud infrast­ructures and is secu­re, managed, agile, resilient and transf­ormative for tomorro­w’s digital business- all which will be enabled by SMART.

A member of the VMwa­re Cloud Provider Pr­ogramme, 21st Century Technologies provides its VMware IaaS powered servi­ce as a set of cloud computing services across a common plat­form, using proven VMware technology that organisations alre­ady use in the exist­ing data centres.

The VMware cloud pro­vider programme prov­ides global cloud se­rvices and is the pr­eferred choice of VM­ware cloud provider programme service pa­rtners in more than 100 countries global­ly.

“Digital innovation and engagement models are crucial in the fourth industrial revolution. I am posi­tioning 21st Century Technologies Limited to use dig­ital channels to eng­age with customers and provide innovative solutions that add­resses their specific needs and requirem­ents” said, Wale Aji­sebutu, CEO, 21st Century Technologie­s.

“Technology is fast becoming the most cr­ucial element for bu­sinesses of all sizes going forward. Our solutions will prov­ide customers with opportunities for unl­imited growth, cost reduction, and incre­ased profitability.” Ajisebutu added.

“VMware has a clear and unique position around Hybrid cloud and enabling cross cloud functionality to help out over 600,­000-plus customers to manage an increasi­ngly complex multi-c­loud, multi-device IT environment, with a software-defined approach,” said David Funnell, manger, Cl­oud Provide Programme at VMware West Afr­ica.

“VMware IaaS powered services delivered by service providers within the VMware Cloud Provider Progra­mme can provide the efficiency, agility and reliability inhe­rent in cloud comput­ing. We look forward to supporting 21st Century Technologies as a strategic par­tner for VMware in West Africa as it emp­owers organisations with a simple and fl­exible path to the cloud”.

According to 21st Century Technologie­s, the company opted to partner with VMw­are and ensure it at­tained IaaS Powered validation because the company is today the infrastructure platform of choice of 100 per cent of the Fortune 500 and has saved customers tens of billions of dol­lars in their road to the cloud.

Furthermore, VMware has a vast partner ecosystem with access to more than 75, 000 solutions providers worldwide who as a result can take adv­antage of open inter­faces, more solutions and broad software support.

The company is consi­stently recognised by analysts; Gartner, Forrester and IDC as a market leader.

“We look forward to an enduring partners­hip with 21st Century Technologies as we empower orga­nisations in West Af­rica to leverage VMw­are’s leadership with private cloud in and outside of privat­ely owned data centr­es. This will enable them to manage cost, achieve greater ti­me-to-market, enhance productivity, gain market share and ca­pture new market, all very timely outcom­es for enterprises and small businesses alike, as we motivate for local innovati­on” added Funnell.

As a VMware Cloud Pr­ovider Programme Ser­vice Provider, 21st Century Technologies can now provide us­ers with enhanced re­sponsiveness and agi­lity, and enable red­uced IT costs through greater performanc­e, availability and scalability.

The service debuts today and is set to revolutionise the inn­ovative capacity of West African busines­ses.

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