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Monday, September 18, 2017

We Have Technology To Drive Digital Future – Glo

Globacom has unveiled its plans to provide the necessary  backbone and solutions  that will unleash unprecedented ease of living and doing business to Nigerians in a new digitalised society.

Delivering a paper at the just-concluded Indo-Africa ICT Expo 2017 held in Lagos, Globacom made it clear that the digitalised future is already here.

In the paper titled “Towards a Digitalised Future” and presented on behalf of the company  by Tega Agofure, Globacom stated that people were already living in that future; conducting their daily businesses and personal activities through scores of connected devices.

According to Agofure, “there are hundreds of millions of connected objects across the globe  with smart sensors embedded  in cars, microwaves ovens, fuel dispensers, generators and so many other tools and appliances which interact and provide real time data to businesses and individuals.”

He noted that Video on Demand will soon surpass conventional television viewership,  while Online stores are fast replacing ‘Brick and Mortar’.”

Agofure went on to explain that the Glo network was already primed to provide the backbone infrastructure and the solutions for these revolutionary  connectivity that modern man will need to relate and do business.

He explained that Globacom was helping to drive Nigeria’s march to a digital society through huge investments in metro fibre cable network across the country and  provision of reliable internet connectivity through the Glo 1 submarine cable. Agofure added that Glo 1 had given a boost to the provision of connectivity services to key sectors of the economy, including oil and gas, construction, banking, commerce, manufacturing, education and health.

The pristine Glo infrastructure is also giving broadband and connectivity to about 30 million users of smart phone devices, cards  and other tools of modern living.

Agofure said that the world is already moving beyond the Smartphone to smart homes, smart TVs , smart cars , smart fuel tanks, smart fridges, microwaves and other technological marvels.

“As our level of connectivity increases in Nigeria, Globacom is ready to provide the broadband solutions and backbone on which these connectivity will ride.”  According to him, Glo1 is an over 10,000km of undersea cable connected to a massive terrestrial fibre network providing national backbone and metro access to many cities and towns in Nigeria, Ghana and Benin Republic.

Globacom said that this will soon expand into Spain, Morocco, Senegal, Mauritania, Sierra Leone, Liberia ,Togo and Cape Verde.

Also speaking at the event, the Director of e-Government in the Federal Ministry of Communication, Temitope Fashedemi, observed that Globacom’s multimillion-dollar infrastructure had reduced the cost of internet access in Nigeria, brought the internet closer to the people and also made exchange of digital information much easier.

The Minister of Communications, Barrister Adebayo Shittu also commended the role that Globacom has played in the digitalisation of Nigeria and the West African sub-region. Businessday

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