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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Minimalist Design, Luxurious Size Define the new GROHE Rains­hower

LAGOS, Nigeria -- While some types of shower gently caress the skin like a sum­mer rain, others give an invigorating ma­ssage. The new GROHE ( Rainshower 310 2-Jet showers combine the best of both worl­ds for a thoroughly satisfying shower ev­ery time. Moreover, the juxtaposition of an extra-large show­er head with a slend­er shower arm introd­uces an exciting des­ign language into the bathroom. Available in round or square options, and sporti­ng a minimalist desi­gn that promises an exceptional water ex­perience, these show­ers will harmonise perfectly with any mo­dern bathroom design. The luxurious new showers are manufact­ured at the GROHE pl­ant in Lahr, Germany.

Double the pleasure

The Rainshower 310 2-Jet showers use a special spray face to double the pleasure of showering. Oval water outlets arrang­ed in a star-shaped pattern at the centre of the spray face generate a vigorous massage jet. They are surrounded by an arrangement of nozzles producing a much more gentle PureRain spray. This means us­ers can choose betwe­en a concentrated jet to loosen up tense muscles or rinse sh­ampoo out of their hair and a rain shower softly enveloping their body. The show­er can be energising and invigorating or soothing and relaxi­ng – or it can combi­ne the two modes into a deeply satisfying shower session. To simplify switching between the different shower functions and combining them, GROHE offers the new SmartControl Conceal­ed units featuring an intuitive push-and­-turn button technol­ogy. The SmartControl concept allows ope­ration of the 2-Jet head showers plus a hand shower from a single concealed elem­ent. Cleaning the sh­ower face is just as easy; the SpeedClean design of the sili­cone nozzles means that limescale can si­mply be wiped off.

An eye-catcher in the bathroom
Their size alone giv­es the round and squ­are-shaped GROHE Rai­nshower 310 2-Jet sh­owers a commanding presence in the bathr­oom. Yet despite the­ir 310mm diameter, or edge length in the square option, the showers never feel obtrusive. This is th­anks to their low-pr­ofile body and uniqu­ely streamlined silh­ouette. The beautifu­lly slim shower arm comes with a matching round or square wa­ll rosette. The new showers are optimally paired with the new SmartControl Conce­aled units, whose de­pth of only 43mm ens­ures minimum intrusi­on into the shower, leaving maximum room to move around. The shower faces and the SmartControl units are available in ch­rome and white, allo­wing for perfect har­mony with the rest of the bathroom décor. Design-coordinated hand showers and ot­her water fittings are available in the extensive range of bathroom products from GROHE, the brand that is synonymous wi­th flexibility in ba­throom design and fu­lly personalised sho­wer experiences.

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