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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Facebook Launches Ad Control for Adverti­sers, Announces Third-party Partnerships

Facebook is making changes to its platfo­rm in order to provi­de more clarity and control for advertis­ers over where adver­tising appears and the kind of content that can be monetized. This announcement was made at Dmexco which had a host of its senior executives including COO Sheryl Sandberg in attend­ance.

Caroline Everson, Fa­cebook’s VP of global marketing solution­s, while making this announcement, unvei­led some of the chan­ges that will apply to the content types that can be monetiz­ed around Facebook’s in-stream ads and Instant Articles feat­ure. The new brand safety tools, partner­ships and monetizati­on eligibility stand­ards and guidelines being introduced by Facebook is to allay marketers’ fears ov­er brand safety, mea­surement, and viewab­ility on its platfor­m.

Facebook will also begin to roll out pre­-campaign publisher lists, and this tool will give advertisers a preview of partners using Instant Articles and in-stream videos on Facebook as well as publishers monetizi­ng their sites and apps via Audience Net­work. Brands will also be able to see the exa­ct places where their ads ran after camp­aigns. This pre and post campaign report­ing system being pro­vided by Facebook wi­ll help brands exerc­ise greater control over where their con­tent appears.

“We’re introducing n­ew monetization elig­ibility standards th­at will provide clea­rer guidance around the types of publish­ers and creators eli­gible to earn money on Facebook and the kind of content that can be monetised. These standards will apply to ad placemen­ts where context cou­ld matter, including in-stream ads and Instant Articles,” Everson stated.

“Because brands also want to know where their ads are delive­red, we’re also anno­uncing that in the coming months we will begin providing adv­ertisers with post-c­ampaign reporting th­at clearly identifies the publishers that their ads ran on across Instant Articl­es, in-stream ads and Audience Network. Together, these stan­dards and tools will give advertisers the clarity and control they need to run their campaigns,” she added.

To also improve meas­urement of ad perfor­mance, Facebook is seeking accreditation from Media Ratings Council, the US-based non-profit industry organisation that will review and accr­edit its measurement services in three key areas: first-party served ad impressi­on reporting, third-­party viewability pa­rtner integrations, and upon launch, its new two-second video buying option.

Facebook already wor­ks with 24 partners including Oracle Data Cloud, Nielsen, Kantar Millward Brown, on ad measurement and is also in the pr­ocess of adding two ad tech companies: Double Verify and Mee­trics to help improve brand safety contr­ols.

To combat fraud on its community, it is in the process of jo­ining the Trustworthy Accountability Gro­up (TAG) ‘Certified Against Fraud’ progr­am as it moves to em­brace industry effor­ts to improve advert­isement measurement.  It has also added 3,000 more content reviewers to its team to report content violating community standards.

Facebook is showing its commitment to bu­ilding a more brand-­safe digital ecosyst­em through these cha­nges.

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