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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Apple iPhone X vs iPhone 8/8plus: The Real Difference

The new Apple iPhone 8 series launched about a week ago, and Apple enthusiasts who have waited to see the new upgrades are now torn between knowing which device is better suited for their needs, as Apple ditched the tradition of releasing a standard version and a plus version, and decided to announce the launch of not two but three new devices at once; the iPhone X (10) which will be officially released on the 3rd of November 2017, after the iPhone 8 and iPhone plus phones on the 22nd of September 2017.

I’ll start by pointing out the similarities between these three devices, because the list is shorter than the differences.

Design: They all feature the same glass design on the front and back, the actual type of glass is the same on the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 and 8 plus series, as it is 50 percent harder than the standard glass on the previous iPhone 7 and 7 plus, so that is good in terms of durability.

Display technology: As far as displays go, the three devices have the same technology in terms of true tone display, so they will all adjust the ambiance of the display to the current colour temperature in the room giving it a more even look. They are also capable of the the same brightness, so even though the iPhone X has an organic LED display, it is has the same brightness as the iPhone 8 series which have LCD screens.

IP67 water resistance: The three devices are IP67 water resistant, meaning they can be dropped into water up to 3ft deep for 30 minutes without being damaged. The processing power of the devices are also the same.

Camera: All the cameras are 12 mega pixels, although, only the 8plus and the iPhone X have the portrait mode. They all have the improved flash unit with a two times better uniformity when taking pictures in  the dark. All three front cameras have the same 7 mega pixel sensor, although the iPhone 8 can do the portrait mode on the front and the others cannot.

Capacity: They al have the 64GB and 250GB storage capacity and they all have the Qi wireless charging and fast charging. So 30 minutes charging would give you about 50 percent battery life.

How are these three devices different and why should i choose one over the other you may ask; well, the most obvious is the look and overall form factor. Like most plus series, the iPhone 8 plus is obviously much bigger than the iPhone 8 and iPhone X devices which fit comfortably in the palm of a hand. The borders are different, as the iPhone X has stainless steel borders which is tougher and will resist drops a little better while the iPhone 8 plus has aluminium borders. The iPhone X is also the thickest of the three, as it is 7.7mm thick while the iPhone 8 plus is 7.5mm.

Secondly, the colour varieties are different. The iPhone 8 comes in space grey, silver and the gold colour, however the iPhone 10 does not come in gold colour.

Another differentiating feature is the face identification capability of the iPhone X, which can scan your face, a 3D map model of your face can be made and you can do different things with that, such as; unlock your phone with face ID, pay for certain  things with it or even make an emoji using your face, the new fun trick that the iPhone X has which is not available on the iPhone 8 and 8 plus.

Although they all have 12MP cameras, the iPhone X has a lower aperture zoom lens which helps you get a better quality picture in low light. It also has dual optical image stabilisation, a zoomed image would be stabilised.

In terms of battery life, the iPhone X will do an hour less of internet usage time and video playback, compare to the iPhone 8 plus.

Lastly, the price and release date; The iPhone X carries with it a premium over the iPhone 8 and 8 plus which retails for $1000- $12000. The iPhone X retails for $200 over the price of the iPhone 8plus and $300 over the standard iPhone 8. The unique display and design of the iPhone X shows that it is definitely in a league of its own. The iPhone 8 and 8plus will be mass produced, however, the iPhone X will be more difficult to get.

Jumoke Akiyode Lawanson

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