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Monday, September 18, 2017

7 Ways Technology Has Touched Lead Generation

Technology has completely transformed the process of generating leads in order to sell a product or service. Lead gen can now be done faster than ever, on a larger scale than salespeople of the past could have ever imagined. There are seven main ways that tech has enhanced lead generation, and each enhancement allows for more leads in less time, which ultimately amounts to more profit. That’s never a bad thing!

1. Get Leads Effortlessly With Pop-ups

Smart businesses generate leads by offering something of value. A potential client that wants the give-away will be asked to enter their email into a pop-up window in order to get the goods. This strategy really pays off for the companies that do it right. The key is to offer an item that only your ideal customer would want, so that their email address will lead to a sale in the future.

2. Webinars Create Loyal Customers Fast

The technology available for hosting webinars has given businesses a way to get to know cold, online customers extremely well in just a few hours. The leads that come in through free webinar offerings powerful. Customers that sit through an entire webinar most likely got a great deal of value already, and are loyal to the brand and eager to buy. These clients can be counted on to buy bigger items than other, less tech-driven leads would purchase.

3. Website Traffic Tools Helps You Analyze Your Strategy

Website traffic tools, like the ones offered for free by Sumo, are incredibly helpful for business owners. These tools help you to analyze your lead generation strategy and see what is working and what is not working. This saves years of trial-and-error type work, and can result in much more leads as well as higher conversion rates.

4. Communication With A Large Audience

Technology allows users to communicate with a large audience. This can be done through many outlets, including Facebook, Youtube, blogs, websites, podcasting, self published books, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. These tech advances are invaluable when it comes to reaching the people that might be interested in your products.

5. Nurture Your Leads Effectively

Advancements in email marketing have allowed companies to become better than ever at nurturing their leads in an effective manner. Email leads can be put into a campaign strategy that runs on autopilot, so the whole process is effortless.

6. Precision Targeting

As the internet matures, there is a larger and larger data base growing all the time about what people are viewing, searching for, saying, and buying. It is now possible to use tech to sell to an extremely precise target audience.

7. Videos Multiply Your Personal Presence

Companies these days know that when it comes to selling a product or service, the personality behind the product or service truly matters. The face behind your company can help to tell a story, build relationships, and grain trust. Before computers and the internet, it was common for the people behind businesses to schedule meetings, meet clients one on one or even in large groups, and perhaps spend lots of money in order to get time on television through an infomercial. Technology has made it so that a person can be in thousands of places at once, for just a few dollars. If your company is not using video in order to build relationships through youtube, facebook, and other outlets you are missing out on a cost effective way of multiplying your personal presence.

For more great information about how to integrate technology into business in practical ways, check out http://summitshahtech.com/. This website has information about tech products, big data decision making, and customer relationships. Another amazing resource is www.digitalmarketer.com. They share on online marketing tactics such as advertising, sales funnels, and podcasting.

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