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Monday, August 21, 2017

How to Transfer / Share Airtel mb (data bundle) With Friends

As part of airtel nigeria innovative services they have lunched the opportunity for one to share data bundle (subscription) between friends and colleagues as this could useful to most postpaid bb subscribers who don’t use their data cap too often you can simply transfer it to your kids , friends who might need them using any of these codes :
for Airtel 25MB
Dial *141*712*11*recipent#

for Airtel 60MB
Dial *141*712*9*recipent number#

*141*712*4*recipent number#.
Recipent Number is the number you want to transfer the data cap to.
Example: if you are transferring 10mb to This Number
you will dial *141*712*11*0708xxxxxxxx# and press SEND.

Updated! July 2016

Steps to Share or Transfer Airtel Data Bundle (MB) Plans with Friends

A lot of complains has been made about the former procedure which happens to be true. Airtel recently updated their data bundle plans and sharing codes.

This part is created to guide you on the proper steps to take when buying a data bundle plan for someone else or sharing your with family and friends.

Note that the recent data share capability on the Airtel Nigeria’s network is code-named SmartSHARE and lets you have access to:-

  • Me 2 U:  That allows sharing from an already purchased bundle. “giving out” or “sharing” from an already purchased data bundle from an “owner customer” to other customers. In this case, the given out data subscription bundle will reside in the other customer’s wallet. Only one customer can be Me2U’d at a time.

  • Gifting: That allows buying a data bundle plan from the “owner customer” to another customer; data bundles in this category includes all the bundles listed on Airtel’s list of bundle plans and Airtel Android Data bundles.

Now to share Airtel MB in the latest update, you will need dial *141# USSD code on your phone, press * from the next window and then select either data share or gifting from the options provided

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