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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

There is a New Dating App Exclusively for Verified Twitter Users

A new app is looking to romantically match folks who are verified Twitter users. Blue, by Loveflutter, has launched a new version of their existing dating app that only allows Twitter users with that little blue tick to search for love, and only amongst their fellow blue-tick holders.

Loveflutter has actually been around for a while, pivoting from matches based on shared interests (innovative!) to now focus on analyzing tweets and Twitter activity to match people. And with that switch, so was born Blue.

For those of you who are verified (and actually interested in this for some reason), the app is rolling out in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London and Tokyo, but will only go live once it has 1,000 local members. So, maybe never.

Of the just over 300 million users on Twitter, around 150,000 are verified, with about 25 percent of them coming from the world of journalism/media, according to a report from 2015. That number will surely continue to grow now that Twitter has opened up applications to get verified.

Actual celebrities — people like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift — have plenty of options for dating outside of using their Twitter Verified status. This includes Tinder Select, Raya, and… walking into any bar on the planet.

If anything, this is a smart way to lead-gen into the existing Loveflutter service. If (or when) Blue actually goes live in New York, I’ll be sure to begrudgingly let you know.


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