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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Public Safety: Motorola Solutions Introduces Digital Radio in Nigeria

It has become more important to use new technologies to improve public safety, especially in this era of digital transformation.

The Motorola digital two-way radio technologies, introduced in the Nigerian market, allows businesses to improve efficiency and provide better service by using applications that are only available with digital two-way radio, such as productivity features like messaging and job ticketing, as well as features that help keep users safe like GPS tracking and automated ‘Man down’ alerts which immediately sends a signal when the radio has been compromised.

Speaking to select journalists on the new offerings, Baka Singh, Marketing Manager, Motorola Africa, said;  “responsible employers and business owners are under increasing pressure to safeguard employees and minimise the financial impact of workplace injuries and other hazards.

“With digital two-way radio, manufacturers can improve safety by: Ensuring emergency calls get to the right person immediately whenever there is an issue; knowing exactly where employees are anytime, anywhere in the plant or outside of it; expedite resources outside the plant to respond more quickly; making sure workers can communicate clearly in the noisiest environments; making sure workers have a radio battery that can last an entire shift.”

Singh added that a recent example can be found in a cement factory in Obajana, Northern Nigeria. The rather large factory, employing many expatriate staff, has suffered quite a few kidnapping incidents. Having inadequate GSM coverage in the area made rescue missions complex. Existing analog radios provided lower quality coverage in a large area which includes mines tens of meters deep.

“By deploying a digital two-way radio solution from Motorola Solutions’ MOTOTRBO portfolio, the factory’s critical communications were improved dramatically. As teams became more coordinated, not only the operational efficiency has improved, it has also helped in increasing employee personal security,” He said.

Tunde Williams, Head of Marketing, EMEA, Motorola, said the digital radio systems are encrypted, so that conversations cannot be listened to by intruders if the radio is stolen and it can also be disengaged.

“Apart from it being encrypted, we have something called covert mode on the radios, so the radio would look like its off, but whatever people are saying gets transmitted without having to press any button. that would be very useful in the case of kidnap.

The GPS system also locates exactly where you are, to the nearest two meters and the minimum battery time is ten hours, because the radios are generally produced for security personnels who work in shifts,” Williams told BusinessDay.

Also speaking, Nicolas Coussinoux, senior regional sales manager, Motorola Solutions Africa, said that these radios are not consumer products but  made for companies who want to invest in their security.

“Buying a radio is an investment and not a cost. They last for a very long time, considering that the analogue radios deployed in the last decade are still working well,” Coussinoux said.

Speaking on the need for digital radio systems, he said; “with just the push of a button, you are in instant connection to communicate. when you press a button you are sure that someone can hear you for immediate response, rather than having dial a number and wait for connection as in the case of GSM, when your life or someone else’s life is in danger.”

According to the Head of Digital Transformation at World Economic Forum, there is widespread recognition among leaders in most industries that the role of digital technology is rapidly shifting, from being a driver of marginal efficiency to an enabler of fundamental innovation and disruption. Whilst digital technologies are means for an innovation powered society, there’s a more fundamental role of these technologies – improving public safety.

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