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Friday, June 2, 2017

PDP Is For ‘the old school’ – Tonye Princewill Explains Why He Opted For APC

Tonye Princewill, Labour Party gubernatorial candidate in Rivers State during the 2015 general elections has announced his defection to the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Princewill had penultimate week formally tendered his resignation from LP, explaining that he did so because he wanted to make more impact in the lives of his people.

Confirming his new move in a statement forwarded to  the former guber candidate said after a careful study of the Nigerian political terrain, he decided to pitch his tent with the APC because of the pragmatic leadership style of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government.

Princewill said he also had the choice of joining the former ruling PDP but it was for the old school and had no space for the young minds like him.

He explained that, “PDP, especially in Rivers state, is for the old school, analog, very well seasoned politicians who have been in charge in one form or the other since 1999. Their top is too heavy.”

The politician also announced that he will no longer run for the position of Governor of Rivers state, but would be rededicating his time and energy to ensuring youth involvement in politics from within the APC.

He said, “After my recent resignation from the Labour Party, the path has been made clear for me to chart a new course for me and those who respect the politics that I preach. I have come to realize that no party is perfect and only we as Nigerians can solve our own problems.

“So instead of waiting for our people to wake up, we have to work with those we can see. I have been critical of both parties but in my search for alternatives, it is clear to me now, that Nigerians are the same as our politicians. All parties reflect us, the very subtle difference is in he who leads and the ideology they preach.

“In the choice between a Buhari or Osibanjo and a Fayose or Wike, my choice remains the duo of the APC every single day. But all politics is local and the affairs in my state need to be foremost in my mind too. Here the choice is between the leadership of Wike and that of Amaechi.
PDP is for ‘the old school’ – Tonye Princewill explains why he opted for APC

“Again, my choice is Amaechi without hesitation. The past two years has allowed the dust settle and given the chance for governance to take hold. Compared to the first two years Amaechi was in office, I see a different mood in Rivers state.

“Like an umbrella. Nothing comes down and since there is no vacancy at the top, there is no chance for young, fresh faces to grow. I don’t belong there and neither do you. Wike is trying his best in some areas, but the Governor’s best is clearly not good enough. If his few projects executed could feed the people and genuinely reduce the high rate of youth unemployment, it would have been better. My recent tour of the state has revealed that many of those who were angry with Amaechi in 2015, have cut their noses to spite their faces,” Princewill said.

He also lambasted the current governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike for his leadership style, describing him as an old wine repackaged in an old bottle.

His words, “There is nothing new about Nyesom E. Wike. It’s old wine in an old bottle forced on you to drink because of your anger with Amaechi. If I can reconcile with Amaechi, so can you. Now we have a chance to build a party of patriots. Come and help us. We need you.

“Wike is doing the best he can. He and his team are simply not built for governance. They lack the capacity. You do not expect a mango tree to produce oranges. We have had a good 18 years of different kind of projects. What we need in Rivers state now is Mr. Jobs.”
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“As I have repeatedly said, I am no longer running for the position of Governor of Rivers state, but would be rededicating my time and my energy to ensuring youth involvement in politics from within the APC, where I feel I can make more impact. In 2007, I and Amaechi were fighting for the same position so when we decided to work together, we did so as partners. Now it is different.”

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