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Friday, June 30, 2017

How to Transform Your Business with Facebook’s 2 Billion Users

No less than 2 billion people use Facebook every month. For an online advertiser that number offers a new world of opportunities for sales growth. It could mean new customers and greater brand awareness.

According to a report, the social network accounts for 60 percent of all social traffic driven to retail sites. But often the challenge is people do not really go to Facebook to buy things like Instagram. Majority of people visit just to connect.

Unlocking the key to connecting with the massive user base could be an incredibly effective way to increasing product sales.

To begin, you will need to create a Facebook page. Facebook pages are intended specifically for commercial purposes. Your page it should be noted, establishes your presence as a business and makes it easy for people to find you when they visit the platform.

When you are done setting up the page, download a compatible e-commerce app that will enable you sell your products. After installing the e-commerce app – like Shopify, it will automatically pull products from your e-commerce site to your Facebook page. Hence, any time you update your website with new products they immediately go to your page on Facebook where your followers can see them and interact with them.

Integrating an e-commerce app is the first step. The next thing to do is devise strategies to attract potential customers. One way to go is to give promotions and special offers with attractive discounts on them. Among those actions, you should be able to reward customers for referring friends to your business by sharing your page with their Facebook friends.

Post links of the promotions on other social platforms like Instagram and have invite fans to visit your Facebook page to buy them.

Also ensure that you are posting contents especially of other products to sustain interest in brands.

Do not limit your content to only written posts, add videos and creative gifs about your products.  For the videos, you can simply show and explain how people can use your products.

Think about advertising on the platform. It is the only platform that has provision for paying in local currencies like naira.

When you have built a significant following, be bold to ask your fans for a rating or review on your page. There are less-intrusive ways to achieve this and you do not need incentives to make it happen.

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