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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Climate Change: Environmentalists Describe US Pulling Out Of Paris Accord As Unfortunate

By Chidinma Agu

Lagos - Some Nigerian Environmentalists on Sunday described President Donald Trump’s decision to  pull America out of the Paris Climate Change  Agreement as unfortunate.
They told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in separate interviews in Lagos that the US action might change the world order on issues of environment and Climate Change.
The Paris Accord stipulates the reduction of Carbon dioxide  emission of each nation to two degrees Celsius.
Prof. Oladele Osibanjo, an environmentalist, said Trump’s action was a confirmation that business men generally did not care much about what happened to the environment they operate on.
”US is the second highest polluter in the World and is now backing out of a global initiative to control human actions that affect the earth negatively and causing problems worldwide.
”It only shows that Trump is not environment friendly and as a business man, l am not surprised as most business men are not environment friendly.
”They do their business, make profit and leave the environment degraded and devastated, which is very unfortunate.
”I am sure the American public will reject the move as they also will be badly affected.
”The cost of mitigating environmental degradation is always higher than what the cost of preventing it,” he said.
Osibanjo who is also the President of Waste Management Society of Nigeria (WAMASON), said that the decision had only made America unpopular as a civilised nation worldwide.
Mr Victor Imevbore, Chairman of Nigerian Environmental Society, Lagos Island Chapter (NESLIC), said the US had shown the world that it did not care about the earth.
He said it also showed that US did not care about what happened to the rest of the world including themselves.
”If this is not reconsidered, US will eventually lose its leadership role on things like the environment.
”The US stands for democracy, the peoples’ voice, ethics, law enforcement and systems to check the common good among others.
”US will be rolling backwards what has been achieved on Climate Change over the years.
”However, l believe there are still strong voices in American system that will do something to ensure US stays with Paris Accord,” he said.
Imevbore was hopeful that those strong voices would make Trump review and rethink the decision to pull the country out of the accord.
According to him, environmentalists will not sit back and watch US roll back what has been achieved because it is a super power.
Imevbore said he was happy that Nigeria would stick with the Accord and enjoined other countries to do the same.
Mr John Ekoko,  former NESLIC Chairman, said the US had already condemned her future generations.
”Trump knows that he will not be around when what Environmentalists are screaming about now, will happen, like the rest of us.
”Literally, he has condemned the future generations worldwide including US citizens.
”However, Environmentalists will not allow this to happen.
”What the world is asking US is to reduce emission of carbon dioxide to two degrees Celsius.
”Now, human emission is three degrees Celsius, with US out, it will become 3.1 degrees Celsius.
”If the rest of the world decide to go too, it will be 4.5 degrees Celsius, but the rest of the world is not going anywhere including the US,” he said.
According to him, generations gone kept this earth well for us to exist, we will also ensure that future generations will be able to play their part in it.
Ekoko said that the world would sit down and together with US, reach a compromise to reduce the emission by putting some controls as encapsulated in the Paris Agreement.

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