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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Biafra: Refuse To Be A Pawn In the Hands of Our Oppressors

By Donald Ekpo

The north have not enslaved our people any less as they have enslaved the Igbos, yet the hatred displayed by my people against the Igbos throughout the social media yesterday and today is unspeakable, and worse than what the North has express towards us both. IT IS A SHAME.

It is a shame because we have allowed ourselves to be used as pawns in the hands of the Hausa/Fulani oligarchy. It is a shame that we have forgotten too soon that these are the only people that stood by us between 2011 to 2015. A display of love you and I know it was undeserved.

We all became historians that dug up our history unknown to malign these ones. The same history that was so evil, that even our Hausa/Fulani slave masters had to ban it from being taught in schools. A history you base on hearesays. A history that does not even favor you if told in sincerity. And we have fanned ourselves with our self-imposed righteousness. Then what next? Remain as slaves in this zoo called Nigeria?

What unity do we have? The unity of minorities? The Unity of oil that the SE don't have? Or is it the Unity dashed us by the slaves masters by calling us either Niger Delta or South south, Meaning? The unity of leaving the Ngwa man that shares the same market with me, and being the brother of an Esan or Auchi man rather than my neighbor? What is our driving force that can guarantee us freedom if not in unity with those that have tested the waters? Do we intend to remain slaves?

It beats my imagination how we think. Have we ever considered or thought of what our chances of freedom would be? Show me one Nnamdi Kanu of our dashed region that will command our Unity to speak with one voice in the face of tyranny? Have we finished fighting ourselves over the crumps given to our people by the Hausa/Fulani/multinationals?

It is time to use our tongues to count our teeth. Refuse being a pawn in the hands of our oppressors.

Source: Facebook

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